Celebrate National Poultry Day with Wilde Chicken Chips!

Holidays typically call for celebrations inclusive of excessive amounts of food. Over the last few years, we’ve started giving specific types of food their own holidays (#NationalTacoDayIsLife).
At the Giannuzzi Group – we have some awesome clients that are a part of the #GGFamily. We’ll be using these “national holidays” to bring to light the stories of some incredible brands that we have the pleasure of working with.

Yes, that’s right. There is such a thing as “National Poultry Day”. And you thought YOU loved chicken. Psh.

Seriously though, how much do you REALLY love chicken? Do you eat it for dinner often? Do you gravitate towards ordering the same chicken salad for lunch? Do you try to incorporate it into every meal? Have you been craving a new way to eat your chicken? Wilde Brands has just satisfied that craving with their invention of the Chicken Chip.

It’s exactly what you think it is it. It’s a chip – made of chicken. Now, you have the luxury of literally snacking on chicken whenever you want.

With their four flavor SKUs (Sea Salt Vinegar, Buffalo, Jalapeno & Barbeque), Wilde offers a variety of tasty ways for consumers to tack on some extra protein points while getting necessary snacking-enjoyment in throughout the day.

But Chicken Chips weren’t always their thing. In 2014 one of Wilde’s founders, Jason Wright, set out to create a meat-based protein bar to help fuel his body during his marathon training. When he realized there was next to nothing on the shelves when it came to protein-packed snacks in the natural channel, he called up his best friend (also a founder) – who also happens to be a brilliant food innovator – Derek Spors. Thus, the brainstorming began. The main idea was to invent wholesome snacks that consumers (and Jason himself) wanted to eat.

“Wholesome snacks you want to eat.”

After nearly two years of concocting edible magic in the food science lab, Wilde Bars were born and began hitting shelves across the country in October of 2016. While it sounds exciting, just like any other small business venture with BIG ideas – Wilde Bars faced some struggles. But because the Company is run by brilliant minds with even more brilliant ideas – the team quickly learned how necessary it was to rebrand, and come up with an entirely new product – with the same “wholesome snack you want to eat” goal in mind, of course.

Fast forward to 2018, Wilde Bar is a thing of Wilde Brand’s past. But it’s OK – because as mentioned before, the Chicken Chip has been born! Because this snack has literally been invented by Jason and Derek, there was no such thing as a “chip-maker” in the meat industry as far as equipment goes. With hard work, big ideas, great partnerships, and some more hard work, Wilde partnered with environmentally responsible farmers and production facilities to create the necessary equipment to bring the first ever Chicken Chip to life.

Made from chicken (duh), cassava root, and coconut oil, Wilde Chicken Chips is prime snacking ingredients for all fans Paleo, CrossFit and moms who are just looking to give better snacks to their kiddos.

We got to chat more with the Wilde team about these impressive chips and what they hope to bring to the industry…

GG: Tell us about yourselves and Wilde – and how the company got started.

Melissa Wright: Wilde started with a simple goal – Make wholesome snacks you want to eat. In 2014 Jason, our founder, teamed up with good friend and food innovator Derek Spors to create a meat-based protein bar made with simple ingredients to fuel his marathon training regime.  JW again had a crazy idea, insert light bulb of Chicken Chip ?, and Derek worked his magic to create the chip and after a lot of hard work, and endless persistence on behalf of the entire Wilde Team, we are proud to finally bring you our Thin & Crispy Wilde Chicken Chips.

GG: Who came up with the brilliant idea to turn chicken into a chip?

MW: JW, our South Carolina potato chip loving Founder, wanted something that ate like a chip but didn’t make him feel terrible after crushing a whole bag.  Something crunchy and delicious BUT packed with both complete protein and healthy fats.  Again, JW turned to our Wisconsin Badger, bourbon drinking, food innovator extraordinaire Mr. Derek Spors, who was able to make the dream a reality.  18 months ago, Derek handed JW the first ever Wilde Chip and said, “Give this a try”.  The rest is history.

How long does it take to make one of these delicious chips?

About an hour.  The process, just like our ingredients, is simple.

We know you can’t give up all your secrets – but tell our readers a little about what Wilde Chicken Chips are…

 Most important fact is that each Wilde Chip is 80% all-natural, GAP Step 2, Non-GMO Chicken Breast.  Crunch comes from both tapioca flour and the coconut oil the chip is crisped in.  Final step is our seasoning blends that we toss the chips in at the end, and voila you have a bag of Wilde Chips!

What’s your favorite flavor of Chicken Chips to snack on?

The office favorite tends to be Buffalo, you can’t go wrong with that umami flavor of your favorite hot wing.  JW has been reaching for BBQ recently, you can’t keep a Southern man from his BBQ.  I’ve (Melissa) been really digging Jalapeno, it’s got a great after burn that has become super addicting and as a true Californian, it goes great with Guacamole!

What are your goals for impacting the industry with this new innovative packaged snack?

Wilde Chips are the definition of category innovation and disruption.  We are challenging both the jerky category and the traditional plant-based chip category at the same time.  Our goal is to expand the horizons of both categories, and have people across all genders, class, and color try and fall in love with a new healthy snack.

When can we expect these in stores?

April in West Coast Kroger stores like Ralphs, Fred Myer and June you can find us in all Whole Foods.

Anything else you want to let people know about when it comes to getting some extra protein in during snacking hours?

Wilde Chips are great to use for your favorite dip, add in some fresh veggies and whatever your favorite dip is at the time and you have a well-balanced, protein rich BUT fun snack.  Wilde Chips are also a kid and Mom favorite, kids love the taste and crunch and Mom’s love the fact that zero-negotiation to get them to eat a bag.

As if the Wilde team wasn’t cool enough, they’re working with the Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program as a way for consumers to be reassured that the Chicken Chips they buy in stores have been raised to standards that provide for the animal and the environment in which they live. #GoGoodness. Learn more about the brand and their products by visiting their website – WildeBrands.com.

Happy Poultry Day everyone! And don’t forget to grab yourself a bag (or two) of Chicken Chips when they’re available!

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