Celebrate the Magic of Watermelons this Watermelon Day 🍉 with Jody Levy of WTRMLN WTR!

Both a fruit and vegetable (seriously, it’s the official state vegetable of Oklahoma) – watermelons are the go-to summer snack during hot humid days. Made of 92% water (hence the name), and coming in 1,200+ different varieties,the  most common type of “mainstream” watermelon is the Crimson Sweet. Famous for it’s bright pink inside, black seeds and dark green skin, what most people aren’t aware of is how nutrient filled the white rinds are. Fixated on the sweet flesh on the inside of a melon, it’s not uncommon to see mounds of watermelon rinds being discarded in the garbage, unfortunately contributing to food waste. But what is believed to be inedible here, has made for great snacks around the globe. In China, watermelon rinds are often stir-fried or stewed. In the Middle East, the seeds are dried and roasted (similar to pumpkin seeds) to make for a light, easy snack.

Today, we’re celebrating National Watermelon Day with one of our favorites – WTRMLN WTR! 🍉

Made up of purely watermelon juice – coming from both flesh and rind – and a little bit of lemon, WTRMLN WTR is helping to eliminate food waste AND supporting local farmers (by buying their ugliest watermelons – more on that later), all while helping consumers HYDRATE in the best way.

We spoke with co-founder Jody Levy, about where the idea for WTRMLN WTR came from and we learned some fun facts about watermelon that you won’t believe.

We love WTRMLN WTR! But give us the inside scoop into what WTRMLN WTR is for those who don’t know?

Thank you for your love and support!! WTRMLN WTR is the pioneer in healthy, cold-pressed juiced watermelon, sourced straight from the fruit. Each and every bottle contains just three simple ingredients – watermelon flesh 🍉, watermelon rind, and organic lemon. 🍋 It’s all about the natural electrolytes from watermelon!!  And we use ugly melons from growers all over the U.S.!!

What makes WTRMLN WTR so special and hydrating?

Besides the fact that WTRMLN WTR is absolutely delicious and refreshingly hydrating, it is functional in so many ways! Watermelons are super high in potassium – that’s electrolytes!! And they are the only fruit/vegetable that contains L-citrulline, an amino acid that helps prevent muscle fatigue and helps with recovery. Watermelon is a natural source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. There is no added sugar or artificial anything; we use just simple natural ingredients and a lot of love!

Going back to your thing about ugly looking fruit – can you tell us a little about how WTRMLN WTR is made? 

I do have a thing for ugly, imperfect produce for sure! With WTRMLN WTR, we start with ugly watermelons from growers all over America. These are melons that would otherwise be discarded. We source, tenderly love, cold-press, and bottle the water (watermelons are 92% water) that grows within using the flesh and rind. Everything but the skin.

What inspired you to get into the cold-pressed juice business?

We got into the WTRMLN WTR world in a bit of a backwards way. In 2013 when I met my partner Harlan he shared with me this crazy fact that there are hundreds of millions of pounds of ugly watermelons in America each year that go unused – this is money, resources, energy that goes to waste. We founded WTRMLN WTR on the premise of putting this food waste to use. Soon after as we developed our formulation, we figured out that watermelon is one of the most hydrating plants on the planet. And there it was… the super clean hydration and performance choice of everyday and pro-athletes around the country was born!

…There are hundreds of millions of pounds of ugly watermelons in America each year that go unused…

What’s your favorite flavor SKU of WTRMLN WTR?

WTRMLN WTR Cayenne! Although, I am a purist and love our OG – the original and honestly all of our BLNDS. We have formulated each one to maximize the natural function for a healthy human body.

What’s a fun fact about watermelons that you think people should know?

The water from watermelons is the most sterile (cleanest) form of water on the planet due to its thick protective skin!

What’s it like being a woman in the food & beverage industry? Any advice for women looking to make moves in other male dominated industries?

Being a woman in the food industry is just like being a man. 😉 It’s absolutely insane, everyday is a wild adventure. Those of us invested and committed to clean, healthy manufacturing and products are on the front lines of the clean food revolution – being committed to producing super clean food and drinks requires a lot of energy, commitment, resources and love. My advise to women in all industries is you have the power to do everything you want – do not let anyone allow you to believe or feel differently!

Where can people purchase WTRMLN WTR?

We are currently in 20,000+ retail doors around America and online.  You can find us everywhere and if you can’t – make sure to tell your local store to bring us in!!

Anything else you want to let people know about when it comes to learning more about watermelon?

Watermelons are America’s superfruit and if you drink at least one WTRMLN WTR a day you will have magical superpowers*.

*This is not a guarantee of supernatural superpowers… 😀

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