Celebrate Toasted Marshmallow Day with a Special SMASHMALLOW Recipe!

Marshmallows. A favorite childhood pastime – that has pretty much looked and tasted the same SINCE (everyone’s) childhood. The tasty little puffy treats were overlooked in the snack food industry for so long, remaining white and barrel shaped – except on Easter when they’d turn into little yellow and pink sugar covered chicks #PeepsForLyfe – there has never really been a “marshmallow market”. That is, until, SMASHMALLOW came in blasting down those grocery store doors – turning the boring-until-you-roast-it cylinder of white puffed sugar into decedent gourmet squares that come in nearly every favorite dessert flavor you’ve ever loved. From Mint Chocolate Chip, to Cookie Dough, to Cinnamon Churro, to something as old school as a Root Beer Float – it seems like SMASHMALLOW is releasing a new creative but classic flavor by the day.

We got to speak with Stephanie McGregor of the SMASHMALLOW team about all things mallows (because it’s #NationalToastMarshmallowDay of course), her favorite way to enjoy the bite-sized snack, and even got a sneak peek at some new holiday flavors that are hitting shelves soon. Check it out below!

Tell us about SMASHMALLOW – and how the company got started.

SMASHMALLOW® is a line of snackable marshmallows that were inspired by the beautiful (and delicious) confections found in European cafes. Designed to be the perfect sweet tooth satisfaction straight from the bag, SMASHMALLOW is also a great way to elevate any occasion where marshmallows are typically found.  S’mores, on top of coffee or hot cocoa, in your favorite recipe, or as a cake topper or garnish in addition to anything you can dream up!

What sets SMASHMALLOW’s apart from the average marshmallow brand?

SMASHMALLOW is made with organic cane sugar (instead of high fructose corn syrup), contains only natural ingredients and colors (instead of blue dye or artificial ingredients), and comes in a variety of fun, modern flavors making this a perfect any time, any where snack AND the perfect and mindful way to indulge without feeling guilty.

Who came up with the brilliant idea to create the SMASH Crispy?

The SMASH family of products stands for quality and providing an inspired take on products we know and love.  With one of the main usages of marshmallows being using them to make crispy rice treats, we felt that providing consumers with a quick, modern, and better-for-you version of this beloved treat would provide some much needed creativity and inspiration for this category.  SMASHCRISPY is one of the only crispy rice treats on the market to be made with ACTUAL mallows, and we see it as a fun way to extend our brand into other aisles of the store!

What’s your favorite flavor of SMASHMALLOW to snack on? And what’s your favorite way to eat SMASHMALLOWs (in hot chocolate, s’more’s, etc.)? 

It honestly depends on my mood!  The best part about all the flavors we do is that it provides a ton of versatility and flexibility.  A mint chocolate chip s’more is hard to beat, and a frozen strawberry and cream mallow is a nice substitute to ice cream, mochi or sorbet on a hot day.  Cinnamon Churro is a total comfort snack when I’m craving something with my coffee… the list goes on and on!

Is there a favorite SMASHMALLOW recipe you can share with us?

Our famous S’more’s Dip! You can find the recipe – HERE.

What are your goals for impacting the snack food industry?

Sugar is public enemy #1 in the food space, and for good reason.  As more and more consumers start to read labels, demand transparency in their food and manufacturing processes, and make better choices for their health overall, sugar inevitably becomes the focus of a lot of negativity.  We fully believe that living life in balance is about feeding your physical self AND your emotional self as well.  We strive to make the best treats we can by using organic and natural ingredients and deliver a clean label eating experience.  The consumer love notes we get from people with special dietary needs are moving.  Whether it’s an allergy to synthetic dyes (regular mallows are dyed blue to look white!), diabetes or any number of health concerns people have, it’s powerful to see that something as small as a marshmallow can bring joy and happiness to people’s lives!

Where can people find SMASHMALLOW?

SMASHMALLOW is available nationwide at Target and both SMASHMALLOW and SMASHCRISPY are available at Whole Foods nationwide.  You can also always find us at SMASHMALLOW.COM and your favorite local retailer by using our store locator on our website.

What’s a fun fact that not many people know about marshmallows?

Marshmallows got their name from the root of the mallow plant that grew in marshes!  Originally, the sap was squeezed from the plant and whipped into fluffy poufs.  So, essentially – marshmallows are a plant-based food 😊

(P.S. Mallow plants look like this 👇🏼😱)

Anything else you want to let people know about when it comes to these tasty and pretty little treats?

Although we believe that our snackable marshmallows are perfect for the everyday, we also have fun seasonal inspired flavors and packages.  For example, we just launched a pumpkin pie flavor, are offering a MALLOWEEN™ pack this year with individually wrapped mallows, and will have a candy cane and a sugar cookie flavor for this year’s holiday season!

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