Hydros Streamlines Hydration with Launch of Water Filtering Vessels

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Hydros, a brand offering modern water filtering vessels, announced today the official launch of its elegantly crafted and skillfully engineered line of filtering pitchers, carafes and bottles. Sustainable and lightweight, the products reduce plastic waste and save time for consumers, featuring patented and patent-pending technology that filters water five times faster than any other water filter.

Hydros’ line of modern filtration vessels includes a 64 oz. pitcher retailing at $32, a 40 oz. carafe at $24 and a 20 oz. bottle at $20. Designed with unparalleled standards in both ergonomic function and style, customers can choose from a variety of subtle and attractive hues including grey, white, blue, red, jade and violet. All are available for purchase now on the Hydros website (www.hydroslife.com).

The versatile products aim to accommodate the whole family whether on the go, at home or at work. Introducing Hydros’ groundbreaking fast flo tech™, the full line utilizes one Hydros Multi-filter across all bottles, carafes and pitchers. Constructed with a precise and rigorously tested combination of responsibly sourced stainless steel mesh and granulated activated carbon, Hydros’ Multi-filter removes 100 times smaller particles than leading filtering bottles and significantly increases filtration speeds, reducing wait-time for users when filling.

All three vessels are manufactured with high-quality, lightweight, BPA-free plastic, using significantly less plastic than competitor products, resulting in sleek and lightweight alternatives. Built with sustainability in mind, one Hydros fast-flo tech filter can keep 300 plastic bottles out of our oceans. The all-in-one Hydros Multi-filter also eliminates the bulky, often slow reservoirs found in traditional filtration pitchers.

“We created Hydros because we believe consumers deserve a better, faster alternative to current solutions on the market,” said founder and CEO, Winston Ibrahim. “Getting more than eight glasses of water a day shouldn’t be a chore filled with clunky solutions that fail to meet the needs of a modern healthy lifestyle. We’ve joined the fast-growing $7 billion market to further this cause, with a commitment to do our part to improve the environment – and in doing so, we make it easy for consumers to do their part as well.”

Hydros’ team of experienced engineers worked diligently for six years to design, test and optimize the advanced filtration technology and approachable, easy-to-use products. The culmination of these efforts resulted in efficient, lightweight bottles, carafes and pitchers that provide consumers with a dependable method of on-the-go filtration. The company also partners with water-preserving and clean ocean charities, donating a portion of sales in support of vital causes.

Hydros plans to expand to other online and in-store retailers in the near future. The Hydros team has additional versions in the pipeline and plans to grow their offering with more product launches in the future.

About Hydros
Founded in 2009, San Francisco-based Hydros is a brand offering modern and elegantly crafted filtered water vessels. Its skillfully engineered, patented fast flowing filtration system and artfully designed sustainable pitchers, carafes and bottles fit today’s fluid lifestyles. Hydros reduces plastic waste and saves consumers time and money – allowing them to wait less and live more.

For more on Hydros, visit hydroslife.com and @hydroslife on social.

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