Monday Motivation: Bury Your Worry

We have all had that night: you wake up at 2 a.m. because your brain is rapidly trying to figure out how to schedule your sales meeting with your client call, and how you can get out of the sales meeting fast enough to take the call while you’re driving the twenty minutes to your next sales meeting, hoping the client doesn’t need to talk for longer than twenty minutes. Or something like that.

We have all had that night.

For our second post in this series, we heard from Coconut Cartel’s CEO Danielle Zig. Dani works closely with family member Mike Zig to execute his vision of the “branded coconut,” recently expanding the brand into fresh coconut-water infused Guatemalan dark rum (best served on ice!).

So, we asked Dani: What gets you moving on Mondays?

“As funny as it sounds, anxiety keeps us moving. If you learn how to harness it, it’s a superpower.

But before we learned how to leverage its power, we found ourselves letting it affect our judgment and our motives.

So now we have learned to take that fire you feel in the pit of your stomach on Monday mornings and push it towards moving the needle… taking the next big leap!”

Bravo to Dani for spotlighting the elephant in the room: even if you are the coolest coconut in the office, and not genetically susceptible to anxiety, owning your own business is stressful – a.k.a that (fire)pit in your stomach.

According to a 2015 study by Michael Freeman, a clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco, (a study fittingly called Are Entrepreneurs Touched By Fire?) as many as 49 percent of entrepreneurs report having a mental-health condition. In the latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 45 percent of entrepreneurs said they were stressed. Business leaders often say “fake it till you make it” – a practice that social psychiatrists call impression management.

So how to harness the anxiety to create a superpower?

Arm Yourself

Managing anxiety is a very proactive exercise, and it’s not all hot yoga and treat yoself. You can be proactive in everything you do, as small as using Boomerang and Things to keep up with your inbox, and scheduling time one day per week for “catch-up” emails, and as large as reaching out to a community of other entrepreneurs, like the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), to connect, empower yourself, and find resources and support.


Delegation is not code for weakness or defeat: it’s accepting that your business will run more smoothly if you admit other people can take over what you simply do not have time for. Don’t overthink it.

Protect Your Beauty Sleep

Don’t practice that oh-so-easy habit of working until midnight then trying to hit the hay. Your brain needs some time and distance after work in order to get quality sleep. Try the Calm app before bedtime (we won’t tell anyone you meditate!).

Pump Some Iron

Walk to your lunch spot, go to the gym for 20 minutes in the morning, sign up for Flywheel, whatever you need to do to de-stress and get some endorphins back in your system. You are your business – keep it fit.

Do. Not. Procrastinate.

Take Dani’s advice: surrender your wondrous weekend life of your own free will, and wield your mental discipline to burn right through your work at the beginning of every week. You already had the discipline and vision to create a business, so brand your anxiety as Monday Motivation Fire!

Cheers to that.

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