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Is there anything more tempting than procrastination? Or deciding to do the quick, easy-to-do tasks in order to avoid the larger, more urgent project that needs to get done? Or creating long lists and Excel sheets to plan out your

January 31, 2019

#TBT: Be A Good Listener

Finally, you’ve got some momentum: consumers and retailers can’t stop talking about your product, investors and private equity firms have agreed to put resources behind you, and it’s looking like you might actually make some money on this thing after
We won’t argue with you: social media is a powerful way to brand, promote, and sell your company online. In 2019, it might be the primary vehicle through which most entrepreneurs build their network and increase visibility. It might also
There’s something beautiful about a bottle of wine. Not just the taste of it, but the experience of sharing a bottle – as opposed to sharing multiple bottles of beers or individually served cocktails. A bottle brings people together around
It’s 2019, start of a new year, and you are either: running your business and it’s going greatrunning  your business and it’s going not so greatnot running your business because you’re starting to think you don’t know what you’re doing