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By Ryan Caldbeck, Contributor Earlier this year, we put together a list of the 25 most innovative consumer and retail companies —the CircleUp 25. Today we are releasing the CircleUp Kingmakers—25 of the most influential “kingmakers” in consumer and retail. They are

May 2, 2014

Alpha Dogs

By: Jeffrey Klineman and Max Rothman Who are the most powerful people in the beverage business? What are the trends, concepts, companies that wield it most effectively? We’ve given it quite a bit of thought lately. While we have trouble with
      Whynatte, an Atlanta-based start-up that produces a line of premium coffee beverages and mixers, has been selected as one of four companies to take part in an accelerated growth program launched by AccelFoods, a new food and
    Enhanced water could be the most muddled category in the beverage industry. Balance Water contains Australian wildflowers originally used by the Aborigines. Avitae has caffeine. A host of others are alkaline-infused. Aquation is made with xylitol to help
  Having recently announced its tenth consecutive year of growth, eight of which reached double-digits, Essentia is positioning itself for a booming 2014 — and well beyond. Earlier this year, Essentia, the top-selling enhanced water brand in the natural channel,