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We have all had that night: you wake up at 2 a.m. because your brain is rapidly trying to figure out how to schedule your sales meeting with your client call, and how you can get out of the sales
Originally published on Project NOSH To give consumers a boost in their kitchens, food brand BOU announced today the close of a $4 million round of funding. BOU currently produces a line of better-for-you bouillon cubes, a line of gravy
Starting a business is a huge undertaking. Many aspiring entrepreneurs not only fail to recognize the breadth and complexity of processes like intellectual property protection, financing, and marketing, but also, on a more basic level, fail to anticipate the incredible
Today is World Vegan Day – an annual celebration that commemorates the benefits of veganism for humans, animals and the natural environment. While we can certainly applaud the ethics, low environmental impact, and health benefits of a vegan diet, vegan
Originally published on Project NOSH Written by Carol Ortenberg The interest in bone broth brand Kettle & Fire has reached a boil. The line of shelf stable broths and soups has received an additional $8 million, less than two months after