Tea Cocktails with Owl’s Brew for National Cocktail Day!

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? They’re sweet, refreshing, but also typically high in sugars and calories. Unfortunately, cocktail mixers are known to be full of excess added flavors and chemicals – so consumers are getting creative, concocting their own versions of cocktail mixers. They’re better for you, they’re still delicious, but there are only so many things to mix in a drink. What happens when you’ve exhausted all options of juices, low calorie sodas, etc.  Have you ever thought of mixing your cocktails with – tea?

The founders at Owl’s Brew want you to start doing just that. In an effort to get consumers to “drink wise” – Maria Littlefield and Jennie Ripps turned their love of freshly brewed flavors and consciousness for what they were putting into their bodies, into a booming business that is making moves in the beverage industry.

We got to chat with both of them about how Owl’s Brew was founded, what makes it so different from other cocktail mixers on the market, and got the details on a delicious spring/summer cocktail to help you celebrate National Cocktail Day in style and in better health!

Tell us about Owl’s Brew. How is it different from the average cocktail mixer?

At Owl’s Brew, we believe in “Drinking Wise.”  All of our products are crafted from organic tea and botanicals, and we only ever use the real stuff (no flavors!).  We think that even if you are adding gin or beer, you should still know what you are putting into your body.

We launched Owl’s Brew Mixers in 2013 (followed by Owl’s Brew Radler, in 2016). Our mixers are fresh-brewed from organic tea and botanicals, and unlike other cocktail mixers, all our products are designed to pair with a variety of spirits, beer and wine – so you can be your own mixologist.

How did you get the idea for a cocktail mixer made of teas?

Jennie is a tea sommelier and was always brewing and batching up her own teas (and serving them to me, Maria!).  One day, we decided to spike them, and the rest is history. But the idea came from the thought that there had to be a better way to imbibe – less sugars, less juice, and more interesting botanical-based flavors.

Owl’s Brew offers a bunch of different flavor combos, which SKU is your favorite?

Jennie:  I love the Wicked Margarita with Tequila.

Maria:  My favorite is the Strawberry Manhattan.

What are your goals for impacting the food and beverage industry with Owl’s Brew?

We believe that tea and botanicals are the base for extraordinary beverages — and we want to share that with the industry and with consumers.  Whether you are drinking tea, a cocktail or beer — we think you should be able to have clean, fresh and real beverages.  We hope that someday everyone will drink better and wiser!

Do you have any advice for women entrepreneurs looking to get into the food and beverage space?

Preparation, persistence and great advisors are the three best things you can have in this industry. Also — make sure you work with people that you can laugh with after those unavoidable operations fires!

Where can people purchase Owl’s?

You can find our mixers at Whole Foods, Total Wine, Stop & Shop, Amazon, on our website, and many more.

Can you share one of your favorite Owl’s Brew recipes with us?

Of course!  The Watermelon Margarita is always a summer favorite.

Watermelon Margarita

2 parts Watermelon Margarita  (white tea, watermelon, pomegranate)

1 part tequila

Squeeze of lime

Shake with ice and pour on the rocks 

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